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Commissioning Music for Your Ensemble

Commissioning music for your ensemble is easy! Here is a link to a general guide to give you an idea of what to expect. In the beginning I like to have a conversation about strengths and weaknesses of the ensemble. It’s not required but if you could send a recent recording of the band it would help. Please don’t be concerned or fret over this. I know what real bands sound like and will write to the strengths of your ensemble. In our conversation we will determine instrumentation (as far as it can be known), ranges, soloist possibilities and special problems.


Before we begin I draw up an agreement to everybody’s satisfaction so that everyone involved knows what to expect and we can proceed to make music.


Other considerations are when you might need the piece, scheduling or commission conflicts I might have, the delivery date, and the date of your first rehearsal of the piece.


Although prices are suggested in the guide linked to above, price is negotiable depending on special circumstances or my interest in project.


If there are conducting or travel expenses these are negotiated separately from the commissioning agreement.

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