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2015 San Diego Film Awards Nomination for my score to Clarke M. Smith's Stover Hill

Music for Your Movie!


Getting your film scored is a straightforward process. I can compose and deliver almost any sort of score from desktop to full live orchestra. In our initial talks we will hash out what sort of approach you would like, gather other pertinent ideas about the project and ultimately spot the music.


I request a locked cut (we do have a little wiggle room here though) with most sound effects and dialog laid in. Special effects need not be complete nor does the quality have to be pristine. I know what a work in progress looks like. I can work from the entire film or from cut scenes. I do request an .MP4 or an .MOV format with time code burned in (if possible), or a 2-pop sync tone and a stated frame rate.


In general I request 3%-5% of the total film budget. Although prices are suggested in this guide, price is negotiable depending on special circumstances or my interest in the project.


If a live ensemble is involved costs of music preparation, contracting, portage, conducting, travel, and other related expenditures are negotiated separately.

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